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Brenda worries about people getting sick, losing their jobs and getting misinformation

It has been a couple weeks now that the virus has become all consuming in our minds and lives. I am thinking about a few days back when I went to Smithers to do this and that. Feed Store first where I was asked if I had my toilet paper.

Bulkley Valley Wholesale next where once more I was asked if I had enough toilet paper?

Credit Union same thing- do I have enough toilet paper? Now, one would imagine if I had a suspicious mind that I just might think there is something about me that makes people figure I need extra toilet paper.

What would that be? All this concern on my part was topped off from a kind friend and neighbour who offered to share his stash of toilet paper.

I haven’t asked for any from anyone and obviously I can’t buy any since so many people are hoarding all they can get.

More than anything I am worried about those who do get sick and for sure I think about the people who will lose their jobs during this pandemic.

So many are just getting by on a minimum wage. What happens now? Our world is changing by the day.

Don’t stand too close to people, don’t go to bars and restaurants. For sure, do not go anywhere where others gather. Doesn’t matter anyway since so much is closed down and shuttered.

The children are home for the duration of spring break and maybe beyond.

The question I hear is what to do? Shelter in place. Social distancing and more.

Everything it seems to me will do psychological harm to some. For instance washing hands is a great way to fight any virus. I do ask you will we became a bit fanatical about such things? Combine that with fear of the virus. You never know.

For me a big one is all the spraying of certain chemicals to rid the world of the virus. I suspect the chemical works but how does it work for many who breath the stuff in.

What can we do? One thing I can tell you for sure is to avoid many of the myths that are out there. I would tell you about the list but I do not want anyone to consider something as a cure. If there is a remarkable cure on a site or Facebook – skip it. Don’t get drawn into false information. There must be some reliable information out there.

The only thing I know for sure is that looking after myself and trying to be positive about life might be my saving grace. Don’t negate the seriousness of this virus but do try to be informed.

Good health to you. Call me at 250-846-5095 or email mallory@bulkley.net.

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