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Editor: Crosswalks are a legal and safe way for pedestrians to cross the street.


Crosswalks are a legal and safe way for pedestrians to cross the street.  They are usually situated in parts of the community where crossings are most prevalent.  They are normally marked, both at street level and with overhead signage and with painted laddered bridge in the road to totally specify the exact location for the pedestrians to use.

This has all been done in Burns Lake.  I feel a large part of the problem lies with the drivers themselves.  Should you not be familiar with where the crosswalks are if you’ve lived in the community for months or years.  Should you not be aware that there could be someone crossing at them even before you arrive at one.  No one wants to slow done, or give right of way.  Everyone is in too big a hurry.  I have been teaching driving lessons in town for the past couple of years, and crosswalks are never an issue for the new drivers.  They are taught pedestrians have the right of way, even if they don’t.  That’s the defensive way to look at things.  They slow if necessary well in advance, and give right of way when applicable.

Drivers are running stop signs consistently and abusing almost all the road rules all the time. With student in car we saw a lady driver at the last second pull her vehicle back onto the road because she was texting while driving.  Lots of drivers are also uncertain of the rules at a traffic light.  Sit and watch the traffic at the only one we have in town if you don’t believe me.  I think before we spend too much time analyzing the exact proper positioning for crosswalks, perhaps we should spend more time analyzing our driving habits.

I personally like the extra activity in the down town core.  It’s like the ‘good ole days’ with a hub of activity.  With activity comes traffic, both pedestrian and vehicle.  We have a community built on a hill with several S curves as the main thoroughfare.  That’s the way it is.  Traffic signs, lights, crosswalks and many other hazards present themselves to us every day while we make our way through town.  It’s time we started looking at them as such.

Sam Moroski,

Burns Lake, B.C.



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