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LETTER: Streetlights and sidewalks needed ahead of beautification in Vernon

I am all for beautification of our fine city of Vernon. I’m sure there are people enjoying the new wide sidewalks, bike paths and pretty vegetation.

But before the city spends thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, on these projects, I think they should give all areas the basics, like street lights and sidewalks.

We live in the Bella Vista area where we don’t have streetlights or sidewalks.

Just to walk down the street (Tronson Road) to get the mail or a newspaper we take our lives in our hands.

When they upgraded the sewer system a few years ago and had the road torn up, we were told sidewalks would be put in. So come on, we pay the same taxes as everyone else — give us the basics in safety like we were promised.

P.J. Olson


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