Some questions

Letter writer questioned for using religion to justify personal prejudice

I have some questions for V. VanBeelen.

Do you eat pork or shellfish? Do you wear cotton-poly blend shirts? Ever played football with a traditional pigskin ball? All of these things are clearly prohibited in Leviticus, the section of the Bible where homosexuality is supposedly also prohibited (depending which translation you choose to believe). This same section also permits slave ownership and advocates killing children who swear at their parents.

Do you write letters to the editor about other transgressions, such as divorce, contraception, or wives who don’t submit to their husbands? Again, all behaviours clearly prohibited in the Bible.

You are of course free to interpret these passages however you like. But in choosing to fixate on one while ignoring others, you are transgressing against your own Bible, as you fail to follow its injunction to ‘judge not.’ In fact, you are using your religion to justify promoting your own personal prejudices.

And yes, it is legal in this country to hold whatever beliefs and opinions you wish. However, it is not legal to promote hatred through speech or actions.

Gladly, I believe we will soon see a society where it is understood that the public expression of opinions such as yours, even when veiled as religious righteousness, contributes to an environment of prejudice, hatred and violence against sexual minorities.

It doesn’t matter if you are not a bully yourself; some other bully will read your letter and feel justified in their violent actions against others.

No newspaper today would print such a letter vilifying people of different races. I strongly urge the editors of this publication to consider their responsibility towards ALL members of this community before printing a letter such as V. VanBeelen’s again.


Chandra McCann, Vernon



Vernon Morning Star