Some ideas just won’t work

One resident doesn't think commercial and residential spaces will mix well

RE: Residential and commercial spaces mix well (Homefinder, Aug. 21)

Forcing a mix of residential and retail space failed in Seattle.

Unless there are many retail businesses in an area, most people will have to go to a shopping area anyway. I don’t see Wale Road being a good location, as parking and access are awkward.

The very small shopping areas in View Royal east of Helmcken seem to be another failure, given store turnover.

One use that sounds attractive is medical offices, provided there’s critical mass.

And Lloyd Wansbrough should talk to his grandparents about mixing residential and retail. Vancouver used to have many corner stores, whose proprietors lived behind or above the store. One of those was in southwest Saanich for 80 years – Brookman’s store. But political control freaks were against that for decades.

BTW, as far as a cafe near the Goose Trail, there’s probably a modest market for that and even some overnight accommodation (something lacking in View Royal anyway). But the notion of the fool mayor of Esquimalt that bicyclists would stop and buy paintings along trails was bizarre.

Keith Sketchley


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