Some dog-walkers are treating Dick Murphy Park like crap

Letters to the Editor

My disappointment turned to disgust after walking my two little dogs at the Campbell River’s premiere park facility and crown jewel of our parks system, Dick Murphy Park, also known as “The Spit.”

No doubt the city, at some point, has plans to clean up nature’s debris that has been littered over the asphalt walkway as part of a maintenance program. When this will happen is up to City Hall.

Of more concern is the amount of feces spread along and on the walkway. Despite ample free poop bags and depository bins, there seems to be an individual or individuals who allow their pets free reign on depositing their dog’s deposits wherever they please. And this is disgusting.

In discussing the issue with a number of other dog owners, the consensus is that someone is deliberately doing this, possibly at night, as the popular park has many watchful users during the day, who are equally concerned with this issue.

Surely, if a group of North Vancouver mountain bikers can photograph 64-year-old Tineke Krall sabotaging a popular local hiking/biking trail in their area, a similar approach may work here. Perhaps the good people of Campbell River can also take some time to patrol the park, camera in hand, to record and eventually lay appropriate charges to the offender(s). If a public outcry or lesson in public pride is not enough, perhaps a financial reprimand and criminal record is needed.

Ron Dworski

Campbell River


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