Smart meters

Installation of smart meters is corporate bullying

We have had a wireless smart meter installed on our home.

The installers came while I was away. I gave no permission and they made no advance notice or appointment.

It was a protocol-free event.

Whoever trespassed also ripped off a large yellow notice saying I did not want a smart meter.

I cannot fathom who is profiting from this exercise?

It could be the manufacturers of the meter or it might be those who will use the information gleaned from such a contraption?

Richly-paid public relations firms will coat the whole adventure in sugary rationalizations. But they cannot hide the simple reality that this is corporate bullying.

If the health concerns of this technological gamble prove to be valid, the engineers, technocrats and their political sidekicks should go to the slammer.

I want the meter removed.

Bob Kingsmill, Vernon



Vernon Morning Star

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