Skinny streets

I challenge the mayor and the councillors to ask 50 people they don’t know, what they really think of the new skinny streets, and all the mounds of cement around Vernon.

My personal favourite is the cement mound where you go down 25th Avenue to join 27th Street. You need a neck that stretches and turns like a blue heron to see down the hill where traffic is coming from Highway 6.

Also, in the winter, it’s common even with good studded tires to slide right in front of uphill traffic no matter how slow you are going. Very nice safety feature there.

You should at least put a rubber stop sign there so that it springs back up and saves city crews from having to put it back up all the time, not to mention saving car damage.

Before your big safety improvement at this location, at least you would slide with the traffic and off to the side. There seems to be plenty of room for two lanes and a merge, and no more kinked necks!

You should ask 50 people what they think before and after you implement these ideas. Ask 50 people about the new mound of cement you want to put on 30th Avenue to block off 28th Street from left turns.

I’ve never seen or heard of trouble or an accident there.

Also, ask about blocking off one of the best avenues to get around downtown, 31st Avenue. This will also get rid of another 19 of those pesky parking spots.

Thank you Patrick Nicol for suggesting to ask people about what you’ve already done on 20th Street and Councillor Gilroy: It’s not just the people living on 20th Street that think it’s crazy not to have parking on at least one side.

Ken Peters




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