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Let's help our local merchants who help us every day of the year

Many of us are looking at our Christmas shopping lists, as we try to decide what we’re going to give loved ones on that special day.

Once we have the list written out, we usually go over it to make sure we’ve covered everyone and have an idea of what we’re going to get him or her.

In that way, we’re just like the jolly old elf – we’re making a list

and checking it twice.

Unlike Santa, however, we don’t have

elves to make everything on our lists.

Certainly, some of us are capable of crafting gifts, but the vast majority of us are either

strapped for time or short on talent.

We are left with the

choice of going shopping.

There is another vitally important choice we make: Where do we make our purchases?

We urge everyone to think long and hard before they make that decision.

We encourage everyone to shop locally as much as possible.

In these difficult times, we believe area residents should be supporting the merchants who are keeping their doors open, so we can have goods and services year round – so we don’t have to travel long distances to get things we really need.

We need to consider how much support the local business owners give to this community – not only within the district boundaries but also

throughout the South Cariboo.

These folks are the ones who support every team that comes through their doors with request for sponsorship – most of them are youth teams, but not exclusively.

And when they’re not coaching or helping out on an executive board, these local businesspersons are donating prizes for raffles, draws or other types of fundraisers.

These people also sit as volunteers on various community boards or one of the service groups that help make the quality of life better for all of us who live in 100 Mile House and surrounding communities.

So, do they deserve our support?


For many merchants, the yuletide holiday shopping season is a make-it or break-it proposition.

We encourage everyone to support those who support us every day of the year during this Christmas shopping season.

It would be a good way to quietly thank our merchants who quietly support our loved ones in so many ways.

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