SFPR camp didn’t lack local support

As someone who lived at the South Fraser Perimeter Road camp for its entire two weeks, I do not believe The Leader’s article accurately represents the nature and spirit of the camp.

Just because the reporter happened to visit the camp at a time when few “locals” were in attendance does not mean the camp lacked local support.

On the contrary, the camp was endorsed by, organized with, and received ongoing logistical support from the local Sunbury Neighbourhood Association, and was largely organized by people living along the entire length of the SFPR route, from Surrey to South Delta.

There is nothing unusual about people from other parts of the Metro Vancouver region coming out to support an action like this camp. We are all paying for this $1.2-billion megaproject, after all.

Tom Jaugelis,

Surrey resident with StopThePave.org

Surrey Now Leader