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Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy (CBAL) is a not-for-profit literacy program working to provide services to many groups.

Marilyn Boxwell

Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy (CBAL) is a not-for-profit literacy program working to provide services not only to seniors but also to families, youth and many others according to levels of interest and abilities. It works effectively within 77 communities, which are situated across south-east British Columbia including the Nakusp region and other nearby locations.

There are at present a total of 16 community literacy coordinators who work in partnership with local advisory committees in order to provide various literacy programs and services within the communities being served.

Lisa Bjarnason is the Arrow and Slocan Lakes literacy coordinator serving within our own area. A number of computer resources are offered centred around learning various aspects of the computer including not only its use to individuals applying their knowledge from their own home base, but also by utilizing software programs as well as the area Computer Access Centre which is part of a conveniently located complex of community based service organizations ranging from the public library, museum and archives to the Visitor Centre and school board offices and others.

The materials used by CBAL include visual presentations, facilitator-guided and well designed software programs intended to assist seniors and others of various ages, with their goal of learning how to use computers, work with photographs, use Facebook and Skype.

These are an ideal method if staying in touch with family, businesses and friends, to name just a few resources which are available free of charge lessening the problems which are often associated with social isolation, which are sometimes experienced by older persons who may be residing within isolated areas.

The programs are in PDF format, ready to be downloaded onto one’s own computer. In order to do so, you will need Adobe Reader software which is available to download at no charge.

For more details, drop in to the Access Centre during operating hours, or contact Lisa Bjarnason at 265-3736 to register your interests.


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