Senators like Duffy need to show better judgment

Poor Mike Duffy was harassed and coerced into doing things he did not want to do.

To the Editor,

Acquitted on all counts of being unethical and lacking common sense. Poor Mike Duffy was harassed and coerced into doing things he did not want to do. He couldn’t apply common sense when the ‘rules’ were lax? He used taxpayers’ money for his own personal benefit beyond the ludicrous.

And the judge overseeing this circus was just as pathetic in his inability or unwillingness to address the lack of gumption Duffy showed in going along with the plan from the PM’s office. Poor Duffy.

That we have to continue to support, through pensions and expense accounts, people who don’t know the difference between ‘the right to do something’ and ‘doing the right thing’ is a sham. And these people are making decisions for us. Only in Canada. No wonder people quit voting.

Shirley LeeNanaimo


To the Editor,

In light of the complete exoneration of Senator Duffy, I believe we have to re-examine immunity granted Crown. The prosecutors and ex-PM Harper must feel like a penny waiting for change, but I doubt either has the conscience.

C’mon, 0-for-31 on Duffy and 0-for-8 at the Supreme Court means they have zero credibility.

Grant MaxwellNanaimo


To the Editor,

Taxpayers can relax in the knowledge that the Canadian Senate trough life is safe with the old boys’ and gals’ club, clearly evidenced by the Mike Duffy whitewash. Is anyone surprised?

The judge is correct in the criticism of the former Conservative government’s handling of this matter, but, by this criticism, seemed to mitigate Duffy’s guilt.

For generations, Canadians have reviled the antics and cost of the Senate and want it dissolved. But only the Senate can dissolve itself. Would they?

A simple matter of dividing the Senate budget (declared) by the number of senators would show that each senator costs taxpayers $1 million a year, not counting retirement expenses. Trudeau just appointed 16 more senators. At $16 million a year? Ah well, it’s only taxpayer money.

D.F. ConnorsNanaimo

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