Seaforth bond is a strong one

Seaforth cadet of 75 years ago appreciated article on current cadet program.

Editor: I wish to congratulate Caitlin Lueks on her splendid article on the Seaforth Cadets published in The Times on Jan. 13.

We have a bond, as I was a Seaforth cadet 75 years ago. We trained in the Seaforth Armoury in Vancouver, our uniforms being glengarries, blue tunics, kilts, sporrans and socks. (The bandsmen wore scarlet.)

I left the cadets to become a “boy” soldier in the wartime army at age 16, for 70 cents a day pay. I became a paratrooper, was wounded and upon request, wound up with the Seaforth Highlanders in Holland during the closing days of the war. A splendid regiment it is, with a history of courageous fierce battles through Sicily, Italy and Holland.

So as an old Seaforth to a young one, greetings in the motto of the regiment “Guidich’N righ.” Which I suspect you know means “Help the king.”

Mike Harvey,


Langley Times