SD policy is about safety not sex

Former resident praises those who stand up for LGBTQ students.



Dear Editor,

Hate and discrimination have no place in Canada in 2017. I recently learned about the 90 parents who expressed their concerns about the adoption of the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) policy.

I am an openly gay man living in Vancouver now but I grew up in Langley and faced hateful discrimination by religious and non-religious people alike when I came out. This policy not about promoting sexuality, a sexual orientation or anything besides the safety and well-being of a group of students who are significantly more likely to be at-risk for suicide. It should be about these youth getting the resources they did to become healthy and successful adults, period.

This should not be a conversation about beliefs or religion but rather it should be a conversation about how the Langley School Board can help foster a learning environment that is safe, welcoming and respectful.

LGBTQ youth in Langley should not hide who they truly are but rather be encouraged to pursue their dreams and careers. It gives me hope to know that Langley has community leaders, like many of those on the Langley School Board, who know the importance of fighting for diversity and for our future leaders.

Todd Hauptman, Vancouver

Langley Advance