School zone hazard

Police need to do more to enforce speeding in school zones

I have read with interest your publication with the heading ‘Danger Zone’ on the front page of your Western News on Feb. 22 with regard to concern of children’s safety in school zone.

I have the same concern after our car was hit by another car in a school zone in Okanagan Falls during the school hours a little while ago. There was ample evidence that the other  car was driven a lot faster than the posted speed limit (30 km/h).

As a result of the impact our car was completely destroyed. The police did not charge the other driver nor did ICBC. The police and ICBC completely cast a blind eye to the fact the incident happened in the school zone.

I am very pleased and I am sure the other parents and grandparents must feel the same and we are all hoping authorities should take note and act to make sure the children’s safety must have the highest priority.

Souren Mukherjee


Okanagan Falls



Penticton Western News