Scheer spoke well, was well-received

I suspect Mr. Marlatt's rancour comes from bitter experiences with the Progressive Conservative party

Scheer spoke well, was well-received

I admit to being mystified by Brian Marlatt’s Feb. 7 letter to the Citizen regarding Andrew Scheer and the CPC. I also attended the recent public meeting with Mr. Scheer, attended by hundreds of others, and saw something completely different as, I believe, did everyone else there.

I suspect much of Mr. Marlatt’s rancour comes from bitter experiences with the Progressive Conservative party and Canadian’s ultimate rejection of them. In the end rampant nepotism and bad policies led to their demise. Where are they now? Canadians wanted and responded to alternatives that ultimately became the CPC. These grew out of public concern, not radicalism.

In direct response to what he said, again, I am mystified. Unelectable? A recent Forum poll placed Scheer ahead of Trudeau and the Liberals by several points. They have been gaining incrementally for some time as Canadians become tired of the illogical and incomprehensible policies of the Libs. Is the Conservative Party of Canada unelectable? Then I must have been asleep for the nine years preceding the Liberal victory of Oct. 19, 2015.

As for criticism of Justin Trudeau, believe me, there is a great deal to criticize and it grows on a daily basis at both the national and international level. Is Andrew Scheer not supposed to mention this? Every Canadian should know about these gaffes and bad policies. Mr. Scheer is opposed to them and has every right to tell us why.

Racism? Didn’t hear it. Are Canadians, a majority of whom disagreed with the bailout for Omar Khadr, now supposed to cower just because they wanted to see a full judicial process rather than $10.5 million being handed over? And, alternatively, are they supposed to remain silent for fear of being labelled “racist”?

It also seems strange to me that he would imply that ex-ISIS operatives were somehow innocent or harmless victims stating that they were somehow mystically “lured” into joining the world’s most heinous group of murderous religious zealots. Do they not bear any personal responsibility for their decisions, perceptions or beliefs? Given that sizeable percentages of hardened criminals and terrorists return to their former lives and activities, shouldn’t we all be concerned? Should Andrew Scheer not express his concerns in regard to this, as so many other Canadians have?

Directly connecting the CPC with right wing groups in America is just blatant exaggeration and characteristic of the current media and pop culture atmosphere in which anyone who is not left wing or centre left is dismissed with a wave of disdain and the use of terms like “Neo Conservative” “Right wing extremist” “Alt…” and so on.

Andrew Scheer spoke well, made some excellent points and was well received. That is the truth of the event. No amount of bitterness or dislike of that truth can change it.

Perry Foster


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