Scheer pleasant face on same old politics

He showed the audience in B.C. and across Canada why the CPC is not electable

Scheer pleasant face on same old politics

As a former Progressive Conservative policy wonk who found the “new” Conservative party founded by Stephen Harper and Peter MacKay less than welcoming, I attended Andrew Scheer’s Vancouver Island party event north of Victoria, Jan. 25, near Duncan, to listen to what he had to say on his own terms, unfiltered by media. This is a summary of my observations.

Far from being reason to be encouraged and far from a positive plan for anything, much less creating opportunities for Canadians, Andrew was trying to keep the new party’s family together. In doing so he showed the audience in B.C. and across Canada why the CPC is not electable — the sole reason for 2003’s “merger” with the Reform Party derived CA, “unite the right” which meant hiding behind Tory branding.

Privately he managed to deny Sir John A. Macdonald’s vision of a Tory party “willing to embrace every persons desirous of being called a progressive Conservative” (source: National Archives) as the definition of Conservative in Canada or even then Sir John A. made this historic, defining statement of what it means to be a conservative in the English-speaking world.

Publicly he lashed out at Liberals instead of talking about a positive plan, fell back on lame comments about cutting taxes and government regulation and the key role of government in building the economy and nationhood (all sounding like American neoconservatives and libertarians who have taken over the U.S. Republicans), he repeated the overtly racist attacks of Stephen Harper and his cronies on compensation to Canadians wrongly imprisoned and tortured by Bush Americans, among them Omar Khadr, and shamefully pretended Canadians lured into the ISIS obscenity they have left, created by the Bush invasion of Iraq Harper endorsed, should be treated like ISIS itself.

Andrew Scheer showed his party he is no more competent to be a party leader than the party’s second leader, Stockwell Day, and is trying to put a pleasant face on the same politics Canadians threw out of office Oct. 19, 2015.

Brian Marlatt

Honeymoon Bay

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