Safety must come first

Resident wants assurances that looking after all injured workers is a priority

Recently, my son received an award from his company for working 25 years accident free. I commend him for his due diligence and his employer for insisting that all employees participate in all safety training required for the task that they are expected to perform.

There is no doubt that no matter how safety conscious we are in life, there is going to be that one time when something happens.

I am constantly getting calls from some fundraiser who is collecting for the families of policemen or firefighters who are left behind without the bread winner who lost his/her life on the job. Yes this is devastating in any family no matter who they happen to be.

However, what about the mechanic under your car, the miner underground, the electrician, etc.? Every person who collects a wage in B.C. for hourly pay is covered by workers’ compensation.

Yes, police officers and firefighters are high-profile people who are frequently in the news but they too get the same benefits as do the others.

There was the officer who got shot in Kamloops recently. I’m sure that his superiors will be looking at this incident very closely. It could have been the miner who didn’t look closely enough before he walked under that loose rock that fell at that time.

Many companies/employers also don’t walk the talk where it comes to safety.

An example of that is pushing drivers to get there on time not caring how many road laws they may break to do so, including the bus lines.

Fortunately most lost time accidents don’t result in death. When we consider the risks that go with the job description, we do so expecting to go home to our families at the end of the work day.

In the mean time, we can be rest assured that our families will be taken care of without someone calling to raise funds to support them.

Gabe Siska


Vernon Morning Star