Rural residents shun curbside program

Now that our compulsory garbage-recycle program has run into its third month, its interesting to note how many rural farm residents are not using it. When driving the full length of 40th St. N.E. less then one-quarter of the farm and acreage owners use this expensive service. On 30th St. N.E., far less than a half use the service. In North Canoe, where many of the residents are rural folks and seniors, some are reluctantly using garbage service, yet enjoyed using the recycle bins left there. Aldon does not accept glass, paint cans, broken dishes, wax coated milk cartons and many other items, which could go in local recycle bins. Now these older seniors must burn extra gas to drive across town with this recycling: If there had been a public vote on this expensive service it would have been different. We know which dictators wanted this program and you will  be remembered at election time.

Of the many groups and seniors we’ve talked to, most say they are paying more then twice as much, than the previous system. Most rural residents know how to recycle, reuse, compost, compact.

We were “green” before many of you councillors were born and we do know how to look after our own recycling, farm waste and our little bit of garbage. We must drive to Bill’s Depot with paint cans, glass and lids, farm chemical containers and wax-coated items, so we may as well take all recycling there, rather than three-quarters of it. Hopefully those bins will stay.

We should also think of our residents whom are away for up to six months of each year. I’m sure they will be charged for a full year of service, just to help subsidize those of you on small lots. Many of us will Not be using the service and we will not be paying for it.

We know there has been some illegal dumping of garbage, with this service being inconvenient for many and I’m sure it will get worse. Just wait until your July motorcycle show that a few wanted, is over and you will know what garbage means. An unhappy rural voter.


E.F. Lowe


Salmon Arm Observer