Roundabout safety creates concern

The letter writer said he knowingly allowed vehicles to enter a wrong way lane

In the Sept. 19 issue of the North Thompson Times, Dan Quigley, project manager at Borrow Enterprises admitted he knowingly allowed vehicles to enter a wrong way lane, in other words, into head-on-traffic.  I would think the RCMP would have a problem with that.  He also stated that they were doing so when no vehicles were present.  It doesn’t matter if there were no vehicles present when your ‘Hazard Analysis’ was looking, it is an on coming traffic lane.  I have seen this happen when there were vehicles present. On different occasions my wife has seen this happen with other vehicles present, and other people we know have seen this happen with other vehicles present.  How anyone could allow people to drive into an oncoming traffic lane that has traffic coming from Wells Gray Park (in tourist season), Wyndhaven development, Greer development and several businesses, among others, is beyond comprehension, if not illegal.

He also states that these vehicles (that aren’t present) are going at a very low rate of speed and that the risk of a collision was very low and the probable severity would also be low.  What gives you the right to determine that the risk of a head on collision at any speed is acceptable?  Or does the ‘Hazard Analysis’ do that for you too?  By low probable severity do you mean just a few bruises, just a broken bone or two or just some minor spinal damage?  Or are you talking about the low probable severity of damage to the vehicles.  What is ‘low’ to you?  Three hundred dollars, $3,000 or $5,000?  Three hundred dollars could be a lot of money for retirees trying to live on pensions, or someone just starting out making minimum wage, etc, etc.  I guess if you are making good money $300 doesn’t sound like much, so it’s not important.

The whole approach to correcting this problem shows an arrogant and utter disregard to public safety.  Isn’t Public Safety what this Round About was all about to start with?

Patrick Stanley

Clearwater, B.C.

Clearwater Times