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Roses and Rotten Tomatoes (Nov. 8, 2019)

Our weekly collection of compliments and complaints sent in by readers

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  • Slimy tomatoes to co-workers who would not support new employees. Everyone deserves respect, support and at least a chance, were you not ever given one? Gossiping does not create a pleasant working environment. Roses to those who would give any person a chance.
  • Rotten tomatoes to Mayor Doug McCallum for not allowing the hiring of 52 RCMP officers. How are the RCMP expected to deal with being short staffed? There is no freeze on developments.
  • Rotten tomatoes to all the stores that haul out Christmas decorations before the end of October. It’s bad enough to not even finish Halloween, but they clearly show no respect to all our veterans if they cannot even wait until after we observe Remembrance Day on Nov. 11th. Is Nov. 12th really not soon enough to start Christmas?
  • Roses to a local cozy sushi restaurant in my neighbourhood. Thank you for your good food and good service.
  • Rotten tomatoes to the City of Surrey for its cash grab over tree replacement. After paying for a licence to have a dangerous tree removed and paying $1,500 to have it cut down, removed and stump grinding, we also had to pay the city $800. We had to replace the tree with two more trees or pay $400 each. We don’t have the space for two trees. So is the city just keeping that $800, or did they plant two more trees elsewhere? Surrey is supposed to be ‘green’ but it’s OK for them to clear-out that other area but we can’t get rid of one dangerous tree without getting penalized?
  • A big bouquet of roses to the beautiful little “angel” and her mom and dad who paid for our meals at Ricky’s Restaurant at Central City on Sunday, Oct. 27. It certainly brightened our day for an elderly couple because she thought that we reminded her of her own grandparents. You left before we could thank you. So now we wish to say “thank you very much,” we really appreciated your kindness.
  • Rotten tomatoes to the City of Surrey. Instead of passing more bylaws, why don’t you enforce the ones you have? Fireworks, panhandling, jay walking, no helmets or lights on their bikes. The list goes on.
  • Rotten tomatoes to the City of Surrey for not enforcing the bylaw on illegal fireworks. Every year it is getting worse during both Diwali and Halloween.
  • Rotten tomatoes to the cars that sped through a crosswalk while a group of kids were walking through it on Halloween. I wish I got your license plate number.
  • Rotten tomatoes to all the inconsiderate scofflaws in my neighbourhood (92nd Avenue and 124th Street) who set off loud fireworks after dusk on Halloween until after midnight, thus preventing everyone from getting a proper night’s sleep. And rotten tomatoes to Surrey bylaw enforcement for not working evenings, and suggesting I complain to Surrey RCMP, which is busy with more serious matters. Surrey bylaws needs to do their job when violations can be anticipated, such as on Halloween. Stop shifting your responsibility to the overworked and understaffed RCMP.

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