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Roses and Rotten Tomatoes (April 15, 2021)

Our weekly collection of compliments and complaints sent in by readers

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• Mushy tomatoes to the mayor, who does not care about the new Surrey Police hires. A cop with a drunk driving record and someone on the police board being in a picture with Hells Angels? To think, we taxpayers are paying higher wages for all this.

• Rotten tomatoes to the man at VCC-Clark Station on the evening of April 5, who saw me in my pink jacket and girly jewelry, and likely because of my size, assumed I was a man and began ranting about how Canadians are so accepting of men dressing as women. News flash: I am a woman. I’m a plus sized woman, not a man.

• A big bunch of roses to the cashiers and staff at Prakash No Frills on Fraser Highway. They were so wonderful over this past year, even when customers were not very nice to them. They are super friendly, helpful and calm. It could not have been easy for all of you to show up to work day after long day, with so much uncertainty as to what you were potentially being exposed to. We can all learn from your example!

• Rotten tomatoes to the person who steals clothing donations. You must be very low to steal from a charity.

• Rotten tomatoes to the young woman in the blue Volkswagen Golf who rear-ended my wife on Highway 1 in Burnaby and took off as she waited for a safe spot on the busy highway to pull over and exchange information.

• Rotten tomatoes to the woman who smokes at the entrance to the beautiful trails and park in Clayton Heights. We walk our dogs and children through the park every day and your second-hand smoke is a nuisance. Take your bad habits elsewhere.

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