Roses and Raspberries: September

Great big, beautiful roses to the two women and the man working on the paving crew on Highway 20.

Great big, beautiful roses to the two women and the man working on the paving crew on Highway 20.

On Friday, Sept. 11 some of our crew were headed home for the weekend, when one of our trucks failed.

These three angels in vis-vests did everything they could, including getting our guys some oil, to try, alas in vain, to get the boys re-mobilized.

When my husband and I went out on Monday to make a second, again fruitless, attempt, a low-bed driver stopped and really went the extra mile to try and help us. Thank you so much.

On Tuesday, we went out again, and the pavers stopped by. They let us know they had kept an eye on our truck and, once again, offered their help.

Third time being the charm that it is, we were able to start the truck and drive it home.

On the way past the paving crew, we were met with big grins and waves and thumbs up.

While Dean was changing the truck’s battery, we all had a conversation about paying it forward; thank you again and know that we absolutely will do just that.

April Gerwing and Dean Fulton,

Rustler Construction, Williams Lake


A bundle of roses to the person who dropped off flour and sugar to help out with the Great Room ladies’ baking days.

It was greatly appreciated.

Dina Kennedy

Great Room co-ordinator,

Williams Lake


A bouquet of roses to all those who made the Little Red Schoolhouse Project a success for 2015.

To Kiara Reissner who acted as our historical interpreter and to Barry Sale and Chris Donaldson who supervised and monitored the summer project.

Roses to our sponsors; the 150 Mile Greenbelt, Trail and Heritage Society, the Cariboo Regional District and City of Williams Lake through the Central Cariboo Arts and Culture Society and the Yellow Umbrella.

Roses also go to our local Ministry of Highways and Transportation for the construction and erection of highway signs identifying our heritage schoolhouse and a special bundle of roses to our local residents for supporting our local heritage again this year.

John Hoyup, 150 Mile House

Williams Lake Tribune