‘Roos discover how skating evolved over the years

Members of the Quesnel Kankaroos discover the past at the Quesnel Museum

The past met the present last week as several members of the Quesnel Kangaroos came in to marvel at how ice skating has evolved over the years.  Dressed in their team jerseys the young men were amazed at the skates and gloves, (no padding),  as well as the size and density of the hockey puck.  Also in evidence was how much support the town has given their sport over the years.

The album created and donated by Helen Lattman in celebration of 50 years of ‘Roos hockey was a big hit!  The missive was probably enjoyed most by Team president Jack Marsh as he knew so many of those in the book, but with some third generation ‘Roos on this year’s roster, the players found pictures of their grandfathers, their dads and a few uncles and cousins.

The visit was also an opportunity for the young men to familiarize themselves with just what the Museum has to offer.

After viewing the Winter Exhibit, they then toured the Museum and appeared to enjoy learning about Quesnel history.

Of particular interest to one was the Titanic exhibit.

100 years ago, April 1912, the Titanic sank. Incredibly, some survivors were able to save a few precious belongings.

Come in to the Museum to see one survivor’s mementos from this historic event.

Hoping to see you as you “pass time” at the Museum.

Four things in any land must dwell,

If it endures and prospers well:

One is manhood true and good;

One is noble womanhood;

One is child life, clean and bright;

And one an altar kept alight.

Honey Affleck is chair of the Museum and Heritage Commission with the Quesnel and District Museum and Archives.



Quesnel Cariboo Observer