Rocker’s tar sands tour a good starting point

Writer says Neil Young's anti-tar sands tour drew much-needed attention to the issue

Re: Old man take a look at your facts (B.C. Views, Jan. 22)

Neil Young’s recent anti-tar sands concert tour has brought much-needed national attention to the tar sands development debate.

Yes, he could have dialled down the hyperbole and researched the “facts” he mentioned, but he appears to be motivated by a genuine concern for the future of this planet, which is being undeniably impacted by the effects of climate change. I share his concern.

As tar sands production will only increase if the proposed pipeline projects are built, (and with it, greenhouse gas emissions), this is the time for all of us to have informed, respectful discussions about the kind of world we want to create for future generations.

Murray Goode


Victoria News