Right to die shouldn’t be considered a charter right

This use of the charter is misleading, dishonest and an abuse of Parliament.

To the Editor,

With significant opposition by a number of their own MPs, the Trudeau government is justifying their support for an ill-conceived and dangerous euthanasia bill with the totally false claim assisted dying is a charter right. When the Supreme Court struck down Canada’s assisted suicide act it was not giving activists the right to read into the charter a right to die. This use of the charter is misleading, dishonest and an abuse of Parliament and tramples the rights of those who for conscience and moral considerations oppose the bill.

In striking down the assisted suicide law, the Supreme Court, in using imprecise and subjective language, made an activist decision that sets a dangerous precedent which if unchecked could lead to the kind of abuses now common in the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland. Canada’s euthanasia lobby is pushing for euthanasia for psychiatric reasons such as depression, for example, where a person incapable of making their own decision could die an assisted death. Assisted suicide is in reality an abandonment of seniors, people with disabilities and other socially devalued people such as those who suffer from depression.

The Liberals need to prove they respect Parliament and democracy and follow the example of the opposition Conservative and NDP parties and allow for a free vote. It is simply unconscionable and wrong to force people to vote against their conscience.

To call such a radical interpretation of the charter that would allow the extinguishing of lives a slippery slope is no exaggeration.

Gerald HallNanoose Bay

Nanaimo News Bulletin

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