Response to One Cowichan's criticism

Response to One Cowichan’s criticism

I never said that there is no climate change

Response to One Cowichan’s criticism

As I don’t do the Facebook fad, I need to respond the old fashioned way to my critics regarding my previous letter.

Firstly, Trump does not speak for himself. He is told what to say by those around him and his base. I am not part of his base and what he jabbers about does not influence me. Frankly, I despise the man for all of his rants though his tweets (which I also don’t do).

Secondly, I never said that there is no climate change, for those who can’t read English. What I have said all this time is that there are climate scientists who have different opinions but they are not allowed at the table of the IPCC. If they dare say anything different, they get a slap suit put on them as Dr. Weaver has done with Dr. Tim Ball. Just the mention of Dr. Ball’s name invokes scathing comments. All other like-minded scientists face the same consequence.

In a previous letter I stated that science is not based on consensus. This has been tested throughout history in all manner of science, except climate change. Is the IPCC fearful of scrutiny? Comparisons between all scientists in the field of climate research and testing of all the data ensures that the correct answers are derived at. Why not this subject? Is the data and the computer modelling not meeting the universal standard for testing?

What if all the monies wasted on this were used instead to combat just pollution? Clean up the oceans, help the Third World countries meet the First World standards, provide clean drinking water to all. The list is endless but there are not enough funds because all attention is being given to one subject.

Lastly, to the person who says this paper should shut down opposing views needs a lesson in what free speech is about. Just because we do not follow like sheep does not mean we are not entitled to our own opinion and I thank the Citizen for allowing this to continue. History has shown that through diverse thought we have achieved much.

Ed Aiken

Cobble Hill

Cowichan Valley Citizen