Research needed

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I am writing in response to the article on wildlife exclusion fencing, electric fencing around our landfill.

There needs to be more research done on the electric fence around the landfill to keep out bears, that council is considering.

In Cumberland, on Vancouver Island, an electrical fence was erected around the landfill.

What happened then was the bears went into town looking for food instead.

That caused more problems than they’d had prior to the fence.

This could all be a huge expense that could backfire, keeping in mind that our landfill is very close to houses etc.

Instead of Coombs urging early approval of the capital project, I suggest contacting other communities who have “complied” and what was the outcome for them.

Coombs was also quoted as saying “the fencing is required, I think it’s important we show due diligence and stay in compliance.”

Why must council, all too often blindly, comply with whatever is thrown at them/us by government, including an environmental protection officer?

Furthermore, when Quesnel went into the garbage pick up system that uses containers a toddler could tip over was not a good, or well thought out decision.

Also, the containers do not lock, so when a buffet, in this case garbage, becomes easily available, the bears will come.

We live in the north, thus surrounded by wildlife, we need to consider the decisions made concerning wildlife be researched thoroughly, instead of encouraging bears to come into the town area then killing them.

Poorly thought out, knee jerk decisions are the biggest part of the problem we face with council and certain government agencies.

Peggy Brownlee



Quesnel Cariboo Observer