Reader wants to walk dog in peace

Would like area resident to constrain dog attacking her dog

To the editor:

To whom it may concern.

I live in Lone Butte close to McMillan Road.

It’s a perfect place to walk my puppies with access to mail and Crown land.

Well, it would be if I could actually take a walk without fear of assault by your loose dog.

Six years ago you had two Labradors going at my leashed German shepherd.

Now, you have another dog. She is nipping at my dogs’ heels and charging from behind, and I’m getting hurt by being pulled around.

This was witnessed more than once this year by your sister.

I just want to walk down the public street without fear of assault by your unconstrained, uncontrolled pets.

If your dog, Lily, is at home and controlled, there could not be any complaints.

K. Kortgaard

Lone Butte

100 Mile House Free Press