Letter writers respond to a police report that notes speeders nabbed on Marine Drive are Peninsula residents.

Letter writers respond to a police report that notes speeders nabbed on Marine Drive are Peninsula residents.

Reaching our limits on Marine Dr.


Re: We’ve met the speeder, he is us, Dec. 29.


Re: We’ve met the speeder, he is us, Dec. 29.

Why are we the speeders?

While I don’t condone the unsafe driving cited in the article, there’s a big difference between unsafe driving and exceeding the speed limit.

Thirty km/h is a reasonable limit around schools, playgrounds and maybe along Marine Drive. But the speed limit on many of B.C.’s roads is absurdly low.

The important thing is to drive safely – keep a safe, two- or three-second following distance; stay alert; go with the flow; and drive with a ‘no surprises’ attitude, so you don’t surprise others or be surprised yourself.

I’m not even sure we should give speeding tickets at all – except around schools and playgrounds and maybe residential areas – unless the person is driving unsafely.

Perhaps B.C.’s speed limits could be based on facts, like they are in California: except for the theoretical limit of 70 m.p.h. on freeways, the limit there on any road – except around schools, etc. – must be a speed that only 15 per cent of the drivers normally exceed.

Geoff Dean, Surrey

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Interesting article, but I have been complaining of residents speeding along the east end of Marine Drive, since I moved here almost seven years ago.

It’s been obvious the residents are the biggest offenders, seemingly with the attitude that since they live here they are somehow entitled to use the roadway at whatever speed they deem fit in order to get to work on time.

I witness vehicles every day doing well over double the limit and passing slower vehicles. Much of this happens between the hours of 7 and 9 a.m. heading east.

It’s not only cars that are speeding; it’s buses, delivery vehicles, construction trucks, and, yes, the police as well.

No one drives the posted 30 km/h.

I have motioned many a speeder to slow down, only to get the finger. The night speeders are mostly the drivers coming out of the bars and restaurants on the strip, and many cabs drivers are big offenders as well.

I will be writing the new mayor, in the hopes the city will finally put an end to this, before someone gets killed. It’s time for cameras and a change to the speed limit.

There are many times when I have seen police presence out in front of my building, but drivers are not being stopped, even when they are going 40-50 km/h. The tolerance seems to be over 50, so why in the world is the speed limit 30? Change the speed limit to 50 and enforce it with cameras. Put stop signs at every other intersection – just do something!

The ticket revenue from cameras would go a long way, at least until the offenders smarten up and slow down.

Welcome to White Rock, where no police presence means no speed limit.

Sharon Hollas, White Rock

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The speed limit of 30 km/h on Marine Drive would best be adjusted to 50 km/h from Oct. 1 to April 30.

A solid argument against this, based on past accident and offence data, would be difficult at best. Recent enforcement initiatives by the RCMP reinforce that the most heinous offenders are driving in the 50-60 km/h range. At 30 km/h, it is like shooting fish in a barrel.

I wonder if the associated policing costs that will occur from such enforcement is something we are prepared to pay. A disputed ticket requires the RCMP member to travel to and from court in Surrey, as well as time at court. If the member involved is working a day shift, this requires he or she to be away from White Rock and not available to investigate complaints. If the member is on time off, he or she would be entitled to receive overtime pay and other reimbursement expenses.

The original fine from the ticket of $167 now becomes a serious taxpayer investment.

Other areas of White Rock have major speeding issues as well. I wonder when the Thrift Avenue speedway will get the same special attention.

Ron Eves, White Rock


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