Rates should reflect conservation

Domestic water usage rates should reward water conservation

Dear Editor:

I am a retired teacher, living alone in a 20-unit condo development in downtown Summerland. I’ve enjoyed living in this area for the past 32 years.

I actively recycle and have encouraged my neighbours to compost kitchen and garden waste in a communal composter. The rich soil is dug back into our flower and vegetable gardens.

I use a special shower head that infuses air into the water flow to increase pressure without increasing water. I use a dual/low flush toilet.

I only use my dishwasher for large dinner parties. I am extremely conscientious in my efforts to reduce water use.

My monthly water use was 2.72 cubic metres from June 16 to July 15. From July 16 to Aug. 15 it was 3.98 cubic metres.

This is well below the base rate of 20 cubic metres. However, I will be charged the same as a person using 20 cubic metres.

Water is a precious resource. It should be handled wisely. Incentives for frugal water usage should be in place.

I understand the cost of the infrastructure has to be met. The pumping stations, the purification plant and other maintenance fees are ongoing.

If the cost per cubic metre has to be raised so people can be billed for what they actually use without any base rate, I think that would encourage people to be more conservative in their water use.

It’s only fair to pay for what you actually use.

Mary Rudd



Summerland Review