Rambling Man praises mayor and council for foresight

I must also say that I'm very humbled at how our editor practically did a documentary of my past

Editor, The Times

I must give many kudos to the editor for “Trees Do Fall in the Forest.” I must also say that I’m very humbled at how our editor practically did a documentary of my past. It was a very warm feeling that made me realize the older I get, the better I was!

There is a saying, “When a tree falls in the forest, does anybody hear?” After almost 30 years of falling, I can attest to the fact that yes, they can.

I probably felled enough wood to build most of the houses in Kamloops and all in Clearwater. I also created enough pulp to make newsprint for a millennium of the Clearwater Times.

The waste wood called “slash” is actually “coarse woody debris.” Microorganisms break this down to make nutrients for the next generation of forest (and you thought I was just a dumb logger!).

As for the “… hundreds if not thousands of vehicles that enter the roundabout,” I know that there is not a large parking lot under the roundabout. It’s actually a large area, much like a flight holding pattern that planes use while waiting permission to land!

Clearwater’s mayor and council had the foresight to realize that when Wells Gray Park has UNESCO Heritage status and the roundabout is in the middle of the new Clearwater downtown shopping core, “boondoggle junction” will become one of the busiest intersections in North America! Why else would they spend 3.2 million taxpayer dollars to built it?

I’m glad our editor is okay. When he said that maybe I thought there was a parking lot under the roundabout, I thought maybe he fell off that darn bike again and banged his head!

Jim Lamberton

The Rambling Man

Blackpool, B.C.


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