Put the axe to Lotto Max

If you're looking for transparency and integrity don't look to the Canadian Lottery Corporation.

Put the axe to Lotto Max

To begin, I’m not sure if I should feel sad and disappointed when I see how naïve and gullible Canadians seem to be or should I be angry and upset when I see the scheming, cold-hearted greed of our government?

All across Canada seniors, pensioners and low-income families are struggling just to meet everyday basic needs. Situations are even more dire now that the coronavirus is sweeping across the country. Food bank volunteers fight tirelessly to meet the growing need of the public and they are all being overwhelmed. The cost of everything — food, energy, gas, services, living, EVERYTHING — is rising. Every day, the ability of the less fortunate to survive becomes more and more of a losing battle.

Now, you may ask, what has our government officials done in answer to this burgeoning crisis?

After thinking about the problems facing them, they did the only rational, sensible thing they could do: they expanded the Super Max Lottery to twice a week, increased the price of each ticket and added an extra number to increase the odds, making it harder to win.

Our government has decided to prey on the hopes, dreams and desperation of our country’s most vulnerable citizens just to fill their own pockets.

Another issue with the lottery is the “Extra”.

Why is there a number on my ticket that I didn’t pay for?

Remember the old and short-lived commercial.

What if you won the lottery but you can’t collect any winnings because you didn’t play (PAY)?

One dollar for the “Extra”. This extra number on my ticket serves only one purpose. If the number is drawn and I see it I will pay the extra dollar every time after that.

This is nothing short of blatant psychological manipulation. Once again, the Lottery Corporation of Canada has shown a complete lack of ethics. Their only concern is their own bottom line. No matter who suffers and what price the most vulnerable of Canadian citizens find themselves paying.

If you’re looking for transparency and integrity don’t look to the Canadian Lottery Corporation.

Lawrence King


Cowichan Valley Citizen