Proud to be from Vavenby

Vavenby rallied and responded to a great need when Vern Boettger went missing

Editor, The Times:

We are extremely proud to be from Vavenby! The people of Vavenby rallied and responded to a great need when Vern Boettger went missing Oct. 6. As soon as people were notified that Vern had not returned home, they did what they could – traveling all the roads around Vavenby and north to Avola and Blue River. Every day people came to help and under the direction of the Wells Gray Search and Rescue group, they checked miles and miles of logging roads, side roads, highway right of way, railway right of way, the river, and more.

Those with trucks, ATVs, and in some cases horses, searched throughout the daylight hours. Others brought food for the family and the searchers. The community was, and continues to be, there for the Boettger family.

Vavenby Christian Church became the Search Command Centre, and people came and went for eight days – plans were made and volunteers sent out to search each day – whatever was needed, there was someone there to do it.

Avola, Birch Island and Clearwater people joined in too. The spirit of community was seen and felt everywhere. There was encouragement and help and support for all, and a great sense of caring. There were tears and hugs and prayers.

The RCMP and the Search and Rescue team gave wonderful leadership and very long days doing what they do best. There was a huge need and people came.

Jodi and Leo, Dale and Cheryl, Barb and Jay, we are here for you. The list of people who helped, and still are, is too long to make but you know who you are and the family is most grateful.

Thanks to everybody who helped, and to those who continue to be vigilant for signs of Vern and his missing truck.

June Moilliet and Ted Richardson


Vavenby, B.C.



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