Proud of Pattison’s commitment

Jim Pattison shares his hard-earned wealth to make British Columbia a better place

In rebuttal to “What’s in a Name?” from the Jan. 6 letters to the editor, I for one am proud to see Jim Pattison’s name on the new Centre of Excellence building. His foundation donated half of the money that the college needed to fund raise in order to build this amazing facility. Has R. Robertson every taken the time to tour the college? It is a great facility that allows our children to get their education locally. With education costs continuing to climb I would rather spend my money locally, compared to sending my children off to other, more costly, institutions. Not all families can afford a high-cost education.

I am offended by the ignorant comments made by R. Robertson. Jim Pattison became a wealthy man because he worked hard every day of his life and continues to do so. I can’t think of a better role model for our students than a self-made, hard-working man like Jim.

You sound very jealous of his wealth, Mr. Robertson. I am not sure of your background, sir, but if you owned a business that was not making coin, would you keep it open? I am fortunate enough to work for one of Mr. Pattison’s companies and I am very grateful towards him for providing me with 20-plus years of steady employment. I have been able to raise my children in the beautiful city we call home: Penticton. Jim Pattison provides employment for thousands of British Columbians. In these tough economic times, we can only be grateful towards the man.

The Centre of Excellence is just one of the many organizations he donates his money to. He is a very generous man who shares his hard-earned wealth to make British Columbia a better place to live. Jim Pattison, just like the rest of us, has two main parties to choose from; what is it for you to say which political party he chooses to support?

Were you planning to give the college the money that you demand we give back to Jim Pattison?

Cathy Ciardullo





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