Proud of health care services

This is the third time I have been at Ridge Meadows Hospital.

Editor, The News:

I just returned home from a minor surgery at the Ridge Meadows Hospital imaging department.

This is the third time I have used this facility.

I have been to a few hospitals in other provinces as well as the United States.

The treatment I received here has to be commended.

The whole staff were diligent in their tasks.

Not only were they prompt, knowledgeable, and friendly, they gave you the secure feeling you were in good hands, which is comforting in many cases.

It’s nice to know that our health services are still on track with all the negativity they receive.

These people who take care of us in times of need are normal people like you and me, just doing their jobs.

So kudos to them, and thank you.

I’m proud that I am Canadian, have Canadian health care, and live in Maple Ridge.

R.J. Resek

Maple Ridge

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