Protect Victoria’s precious harbour

Land use around the harbour should be restricted to those projects that need to be located on water

Visitors and residents alike agree that Victoria is one of the most beautiful cities anywhere. A major contributing factor to this is our spectacular and vibrant harbour. We are all responsible to protect this precious asset for the benefit of future generations.

Land use around the harbour should be restricted to those projects that need to be located on water – specifically the harbour – or for those projects where the harbour adds significant value.

The proposed Sewage Treatment Plant for the Ogden Point/Coast Guard site does not fit this principle. It would not enhance the harbour in any way. Nor would the plant benefit in any way by being on the harbour. It could be located inland in many places with no loss of functionality.

We can’t undo what has been done in the past but we can control the future.

Why isn’t the Victoria Harbour Authority speaking up to reject this proposal as this use would do nothing to benefit our harbour?

When will Mayor Helps and her Council show the vision and leadership that Victorians expect and reject this site in the strongest possible terms?

Perhaps a more suitable location for the Sewage Treatment Plant might be City Hall.

Darvin Heinemann



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