Proposal offers opportunity for community engagement

Give the public a chance to view model, reports associated with Abstract proposal

The Abstract Developments presenters as well as Oak Bay staff, councillors and public are to be commended for a most informative discussion on Monday, Jan. 16 of Abstract Developments’ condominium proposal located at Bowker and Cadboro Bay roads.

Council’s brief discussion at the end of the meeting indicated the developer would be asked for a 3D model of the building and surrounding buildings and roads.

As well it was suggested staff could be asked for reports, including ones on  on-site parking (requirements and variances asked for), massing (Floor Area Ratio comparison with other buildings in Oak Bay) and an updated traffic report.

On Monday, Jan. 23, council will formally decide the next steps in the process. I suggest this could be an excellent opportunity for genuine community engagement. A display of the model along with the reports could be set up at a few locations for a short period (perhaps 10 days at the Monterey centre and recreation centre?).

Residents could provide e-mail feedback  on the proposal to council. The cost of this exercise would be minimal and the potential benefits great.

Mike Wilmut

Oak Bay



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