Proportional representation is about fairness

A letter to the editor by Bill Sundhu

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To the editor:

Re: Year in Review by MLA Donna Barnett:

MLA Barnett engages in misinformation. B.C.’s referendum is not “preferential ballot.” Should we switch to a fairer voting system?

No more false majorities where 40 per cent equals 100 per cent of power. Voter intention needs to be respected where 39 per cent of the votes equal 39 per cent of the seats. Proportional representation is

about fairness.

Every region will have MLA’s in government under Proportional Representation, unlike the current situation. In 2017 Liberals got 51.18 per cent votes and 100 per cent of seats in the Cariboo-Thompson. Under Proportional Representation: three Liberals, one NDP, one Green. We deserve equal and effective representation aligned with our political values and votes.

Ms. Barnett suggests she’ll only take private money to run her campaign.

Our democracy belongs to the people of British Columbia, not influence bought by wealthy backroom donors and foreign entities. The new law levels the playing field, parties compete on vision and policies, not the size of their bank account.

Bill Sundhu


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