Privatize BC Hydro

B.C. residents should be given a say in the decisions made by Crown corporation

What if BC Hydro was allowed, or encouraged, to go private, that is issue shares to its existing shareholders?

You and me, each of us, would eventually, because privatization doesn’t happen overnight, be allowed to offer an opinion, i.e. vote at AGMs, etc., on the proper conduct of BC Hydro, or whatever the new organization is called.

Each and every AGM would allow shareholders to support, or question, the activities thus far. A sort of affirmation or re-affirmation of promises made, promises kept, rather like a political election, except that shareholders would need to be convinced that proposed investments were sound, with future prospects of offering an annual dividend, rather than an ongoing loss against some obscure dream of possible reimbursement.

Meanwhile, peruse your hydro bill circumspectly.

P.W. Bailey



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