Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Bill C-38 devastates climate protection

Herb Nakada, in a letter to the editor, talks about the federal government's Bill C-38 and Harper's attitude toward the environment.


“Science” will decide on the pipelines from Alberta … not politics says  Harper (Aug. 8, 2012).

Reality check!  After C-38 … Harper puts on a “new face” to cover mega-fossil-fuel industries for foreign markets … massive revenues for foreign/global corporations. Landlocked Alberta depends on pipelines to deliver bitumen to global markets.

Beyond “peak oil” global corporations “bet” on unconventional Alberta tar-sands … Orinoco tar-sand (heavy oil), deep sea drillings … salivate for Arctic oil. The “unconventional” exploration/extraction list producing “deadly” environmental and social outcomes are not “blessings.”

“Unconventional” tar-sand bitumen generates three to five times more greenhouse (GHG) emissions than conventional oil. Canada’s fastest growing source of GHG emissions is a massive threat to climate protection.

If burned … proven reserves of oil, coal, and gas already exceed a “safe” 2C … times five! Proven fossil-fuel reserves represent trillions of dollars … plenty for oil corporations. They seek more.

If the world stopped burning fossil-fuels today … we would still double global temperatures … from 0.8C (present) to 1.6C … by 2030 … due to lag time (18 years?)

James Hansen says 2C is “a prescription for disaster.”  After Copenhagen and Durban … a 2C global limit may not be possible!

Harper’s “science” withdraws Canada from reducing global GHG emissions (Kyoto GHG Accords/Durban) … eliminates Canada’s National Round Table on Environment and Economy … muzzles federal scientists … slashes urgent scientific environmental research … degrades fish-habitat protection … degrades environmental assessment reviews(pipelines/mines) … eliminates foreign “radical” environmentalists … C-38 stacked to trump opposition.

For healthy environmental and social outcomes … it is crucial for Canada’s energy strategy to be based on rapid transition (PDQ) from fossil-fuels to renewable non-carbon energy. Time is critical.

An energy strategy based on fossil fuels is a dream for global oil corporations … an ending nightmare for the rest of us.

Harper’s steady course for a global 6C in this century … devastates climate protection.  His dream of injurious “blood money revenues” for fossil-fuel development is morally bankrupt. This is inter-generational injustice.


Herb Nakada

Williams Lake

Williams Lake Tribune