Prime minister has damaged democracy

NANAIMO – Harper government has strayed from election promise of better, more open government, says letter writer.

To the Editor,

Re: Current PM better than alternatives, Letters, Jan. 15.

The letter writer suggests that Trudeau or Mulcair would be poor alternatives for Stephen Harper. Many of us believe that Harper has done more damage to the Canadian democracy than any previous prime minister.

Instead of an elected governing party, we have a power-hungry, controlling leader, followed by a multitude of weak-backed members of parliament who pretend that they agree with every one of his policies.

I voted for Harper the first time around because he promised me a better, more open government – how far from the truth can one stray? Regarding peace keeping, treatment of refugees, changes to voting procedures, treatment of First Nations, robocalls, environmental policies, omnibus legislation, senate reform, prison reform – the list is almost endless. For the long-term health of Canada, for our future generations, for me it’s anyone but Harper.

I will admit that I haven’t read the book that the letter writer recommends, but I have to question the value of its more than 10-year-old ideas as they pertain to the prime minister we are saddled with today.

Paul CleggNanaimo


To the Editor,

Re: Current PM better than alternatives, Letters, Jan. 15.

As usual, PM supporters always resort to negative comments about Mulcair and Trudeau, but cannot use the accomplishments of Harper as justification for preferring him.

Maybe it is because under Harper’s rush to exploit the tar sands, we Canadians now are in debt to the tune of more than $19,000 per capita. Harper’s desire for a balanced budget means the homeless, the disabled, and our veterans, to name just a few, must pay the cost of this folly, while the immensely profitable oil companies are given millions of our tax dollars. Our government has also refused to sign a declaration to continue support for animals threatened by extinction due to a ‘technicality’ which it won’t discuss.

These are but a few of our government’s ill-conceived policies.

I would prefer either of Mulcair or Trudeau to these neo-cons and then I would be proud to be a Canadian once again.

David CoeGabriola Island

Nanaimo News Bulletin