Price fixing of gas getting ridiculous

To the Editor,

When will the public rouse the governments of Canada to address the blatant price fixing of gasoline?

There is no competition for fuel within the market place today.

In any community all of the gas stations, regardless of brand or when they purchased their fuel, change the price within hours if not minutes of each other.

The fact that communities as little as 25 kilometres apart can have different pricing shows the absolute control that the oil companies have.

Since they own most of the gas stations, the refining, the distribution and thus the availability of gas to the public, they have an absolute monopoly, even though there are supposedly several companies vying for our business.

Why have no federal or provincial governments made an effort to get back to a competitive market in gas? Perhaps the millions of dollars that the oil companies spend in lobbying to protect their freedom?

While one party has a power base in Alberta, the others do not. Yet no party has ever brought up this criminal gouging of the public.

Gas and diesel fuel account for the distribution of almost everything consumers buy.

When the prices of the fuels go up the cartage companies add or increase their fuel surcharge to their customers. This is passed on, as much as possible, to the consumer.

If we are truly in a world economy as far as the price of crude oil is concerned, then the pricing of gas and diesel should be similar throughout North America. But even our U.S. neighbours pay far less than we do in Canada, and it isn’t all taxation.

Let’s get motivated with our federal politicians first, to get after this problem.

J. Sharpe



Nanaimo News Bulletin