Praises for fruit stand

Tourist praises Creston fruit stand, Margo's Farm, in letter to editor.

Margo's Farm fruit stand

Margo's Farm fruit stand

Hi Creston Valley Advance

I am from Banff. I am familiar with tourism as one might expect and, along with my family, we really enjoy being tourists too. We try to visit the Kootenays once a year, having family in nearby Nelson. Our annual trip brings us through Creston and we always look forward to the fresh fruit. We discovered Margo’s Farm fruit stand a few years back and now we get excited when we plan our stop to get the most delicious fruit one can imagine. But what really makes a difference are the people who greet us each time. Dorothy is one-of-a-kind and we have also met Margo and others. I want to send a photo I took which turned out so well and shows the happiness of these folks and why anyone would gladly return to Margo’s. It is a great example of tourism and how happy folks make such an impression on travelling folks. Thanks to Margo, Dorothy and the gang and thanks to Creston.

Rocket Miller



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