Praise for hockey event

Salmon Arm, what an outstanding community you are.

What an outstanding community you are.

After sharing the weekend with complete strangers in a foreign land I had never visited before, I exit with memories and a life-altering experience.

Salmon Arm, you are amazing!

You embraced us, you welcomed us into your homes and engaged with our hockey culture for five days, treating us as one of your own.

Thank you to the businesses who graciously served a team of teens.

Thank you to the recreation centre, arena and sports facilities, you are as good as any in the province.

Your staff and managers became partners and welcomed us with open arms.

Thank you to the restaurant employees who greeted us each early morning with a wide smile, when most were still sleeping.

To the community of local residents who included us in your conversations and pitched just how fabulous your city is, thanks.

Thank you for everything you did for us, we will be returning to enjoy all you have to offer real soon.

Salmon Arm, you are the best!



Larry Krause,

BC Hockey

Salmon Arm Observer