Poop has reader ‘peed-off’

Dear Editor,

Hello my name is Gerd Trubenbach, and I’m peed-off.

I’m a resident of Harrison Hot Springs and I use the sidewalk, from the post office, to St. Alice Street. On several occasions, I’ve seen three or four big dog poo.

Yes, right on the sidewalk. I find it appalling that the owner would not see that their Dog is going to crap right on the sidewalk. Are they blind who is leading the blind?

And then, oh ya it’s winter. Let the dog loose all over Harrison, as the bylaw officer is only here in the summer.

And the latest trick of the dog owners is to come in the evening, to let their dog run free, and then they can not see, where their Dog left a great big pile of poo behind.

Oh, we did not see what our dog did!


Gerd Trubenbach

Harrison Hot Springs

Agassiz Observer