Politics unchanged

I’ve just finished watching the news on TV.

One of the stories involved Stephen Harper’s election road trip. What was brought to light were these carefully orchestrated whistle stops and how they are implemented.

Every person at the event is there by invitation only, even reporters, who are only allowed five questions pre-approved.

Wow, talk about a mutual admiration society. It’s really nice to get a one-minute photo-op which will be seen from coast to coast, and not have to account to you and I for his policies and practices. I can understand his reluctance to face us — to explain his behaviour from billions on jets to patrol our imagined control over northern waters. The Americans and Russians might have something to say about that.

And my personal pet peeve is to bless the corporations, banks and insurance companies at a 16 per cent tax rate while the poor and elderly will carry the burden tax-wise.


Bill Frohlick


Vernon Morning Star