Politics needs to be civilized

There are too many negative ads during election campaigns.

Dear Sir:

Prior to some federal and provincial elections, negative ads seemed to become the norm.  I wasn’t really aware that my granddaughter Maggy was taking all this in until she said, “This is disgusting Nan. If you want to make the world a better place you don’t do it by trying to make others look bad.”

This same granddaughter, now 12, and I attended the all candidates community dialogue held Nov. 12 and we participated in the various discussion groups.

After the candidates gave their final summation, she approached many of them and expressed her admiration and congratulated  them on the manner in which they spoke and of their dreams for the youth of this city.

All those she spoke to took the time to respond and she came home enthusiastic having gained a real respect for the democratic process.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get out and attend all candidates meetings so I have been following this campaign online and must say the ?mud slinging?

I am witnessing absolutely appalls me. I am no stranger to controversy and believe I can hold my own in most debates without attempting to ?smear? those who hold contrasting viewpoints.  In attempting to degrade others, we only degrade ourselves and in the course of an election we lose focus on the important issues when we become mired in the past.

As Maggy said, “If you want to make this world a better place, you don’t do it be making others look bad.”


Dawna Marie Ottenbreit, Terrace, BC



Terrace Standard