Politicians don’t work like rest of us

Politicians would get a pink slip for their shenanigans if they did them in the real working world.

To the Editor,

Must be nice for the Dalton McGuintys, Stephen Harpers, Christy Clarks and all other representatives of the people, hired (elected) to take taxpayers’ hard-earned tax-dollars and conduct the business of the people, to suspend their duties by proroguing the legislative assembly.

Essentially they’ve said to their employer—the people—“we’re not going to show up for work now because we’ve got other business to attend to.”

Other business, like what? Avoiding the splatter of a political scandal?

Retiring in a timely fashion with a better pension than would be garnered otherwise?

Using taxpayer-funded time to gather political party troops to rebrand the party, go over the playbook, and generally prepare for the next election campaign?

There ought to be a national law prohibiting this kind of legislative hooky.

Do politicians really think the people are that stupid?

Other than politicians, I can’t think of any other employee in the real, work-a-day world that would get away with these kinds of shenanigans for long without receiving a pink slip.

Liz Stonard,

Port Alberni

Alberni Valley News