Police officer’s conversations have impact on a young man

19-year-old man plans to go into RCMP training, and was inspired by conversations with RCMP officer.

Editor: The following correspondence was received by Langley RCMP Youth-at-Risk officer, Const. Janet Northrup earlier this month. Langley RCMP media relations officer Cpl. Holly Largy has passed it on to The Times, stating “Occasionally, we are fortunate enough to hear about the difference we made in someone’s life.

“This is one of those times….”

Hello Const. Northrup,

I wanted to share a conversation that took place the other night at our Town Hall meeting in Aldergrove on May 6. A young man came by and spoke to Cpl. Savinkoff and myself.  He came into the gym to ask about the Town Hall meeting and said he would be back later that evening to attend. I asked him if he was a student and he said he had already graduated from high school.

I asked if he was interested in the RCMP and he said, “Yes, I am on my way to Depot on Monday.”  I told him he looked too young for Depot and he said he was 19 years old. I told him he must have done very well in his interviews to be accepted to go to Depot being that he was so young.

He said he owes an RCMP officer a lot for changing his life around.  When he was starting out as a teenager, he was hanging out with the wrong crowd. He said he met a Langley police officer by the name of Janet Northrup who turned his life around.

She had spoken to him several times about making the right choices in life and said that there are always consequences for your actions.  He said she changed his life around and he started making better choices and stopped hanging out with the bad kids in school.

He turned his life around and decided he wanted to become an RCMP officer himself, and give back to others like she had done for him.  I told the young man that I worked with Const. Northrup and I would let her know she made a difference in his life.  He asked that we say hello to her and please let her know he was heading off to Depot.

Janet, sometimes we never know if we have helped someone along the way or made a difference in someone’s life. I wanted you to know that you made a huge difference in this young man’s life and he is now going on to pursue a career in the RCMP because you took the time to assist him when he could have easily made the choice to go the wrong way in life.

Thank you for making a difference in this young man’s life. I know he will be forever grateful to you.

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